How I started enjoying cooking

I feel weird blogging photography sessions. I love them and have so much fun doing them...but I also don't feel like they are my story to share. So, I will share my life with you here. One thing that I used to dislike and recently really like is cooking.

I used to work at a bank that had extended hours, I usually worked later than Taylor. He is a really great cook. He cooked most of Veronica's and Trace's first years because he's really good at it, and they always needed fed during dinner time. But, I felt really lazy waiting for him to get home and then start dinner. It made more sense for me to start cooking more. (Taylor was always happy to do it, and still does when I don't want to! haha)

Cooking with toddlers can be challenging to the most experienced cook. My first tip is to involve them. My kids love stirring, playing in flour and getting ingredients out of the cupboard. They are 5 and almost 3, and they know if there is raw meat on the counter that they can't be up there. They are both able to move their stools all around the kitchen. We've had a few mishaps but they usually just love watching.

I have basic tips, but I shared it with an IG friend, and she loved my tips and told me to do a blog, so here it is. Maybe it will help you too.

Meal plan every week. I use click list because I hate grocery shopping. Even before covid. I try to go once a week, but I usually have to do a mid week produce run and can also get anything I forgot.

I rarely make meals that take a long time to prepare. I just don't have that patience level. I try for a variety, we love mexican food. We usually do Mexican, italian, pasta or a casserole, and something new. I try to do 4-5 meals a week.

Make your dinner prep easier. If Taylor grills chicken, he doubles or triples it, because I can chop it up and use it in a ton of dishes. It cuts my prep time down a lot, we chop it up before we put it away. It can go in a lot of casseroles, pastas and we do a lot of veggie stir fry things that it can go into. We just flavor it in a way that works for our meals. Shredded crock pot chicken is easy to do a big batch and use for a few meals and it freezes well too. This week we did a crock pot pork roast, and it was a little larger than I wanted but we have made sandwiches, bbq pork pizza, and tostadas. One cook-3 meals.

Have a few staple recipes on hand. For us its bean burritos and spaghetti. We can almost always make both of those, they are quick and easy and the kids love them. I buy pasta, diced tomatoes, and beans in bulk because if I change my mind mid week, I can make something else.

Find an inspiration. I love subscribing to food network magazine because they have a lot of quick meals and they are different. I like to try new things, and they are fairly consistent and easy enough to follow. I also love half baked harvest. I've made so many of her things and they are all delicious! I hate searching websites because there are a lot of options and I never remember to save them.

I hope these help! If you have any helpful tips, let me know.

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