Pictures should be fun

My goal this year, is to create a monthly photo session for my kids. I want these to be really fun and 100% for them. I really want to capture them being them. Kids are so funny and quirky and they change interests so quickly. I want to remember all these sweet little phases.

There are lots of phases that I would love to forget (ahem, potty training), but there are so many more that are worth capturing.

Ever since Veronica has been a tiny baby she has LOVED books. She could find books at a crazy young age and she has always had favorites. I am a big reader, so I love that she is into them too. We typically don't set up the floor of my bedroom this way. But the kids were so excited to do a photo shoot with me! They also love making a mess so me asking them to bring out all of their books and all of mine and dumping them on the floor was their very best day. I wanted them to get into it. I wanted them to think this was fun. Because, when I try really hard to have them sit in one spot and force them to smile, they are photos that no one cares to look at. They aren't fun. They aren't special. They are stressful and boring and not interesting.

Most days I am so excited to stay home with them and play and explore and learn. Some days are more fun than others. But for the most part, I love this mom thing. I want to remember the fun days. I hope when they are grown they remember me getting on the floor and playing with them. I hope they remember that I have a killer Mickey Mouse voice and bust it out daily for story time. I hope they remember that I am the absolute worst dance ever, but I still have fun doing it. I hope they remember all the best hiding spots in our house. I hope they remember all the fun and laughter that we share. Because it is a lot.

I have lots of fun planning these sessions, and I love how excited they get to be involved. They love helping me, and they really love that they often get to break the rules while we do these! Last year, Veronica got to empty out her dress up area on her bed and throw them around and she was giggling the entire time. Getting to break the rules with mom, is way better than doing it and then getting in trouble! I did not realize how much fun I would have doing these, but I look forward to them every month! I have so many fun ideas coming up! I can't wait for March, because I am going to take Trace for tractor photos. He loves them! He has also been talking a lot about fire trucks, so maybe we'll head to a fire station too!

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