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Colordo Springs Family sitting, laughing and tickling

I'm Ashley.

Dog lover.

Coffee addict.


As a mother to two adorable young kids in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I understand the desire to want to capture all the magic of those simple, pure, and innocent moments of their childhood. As much as I hate the phrase, blink and they’re grown, it is so darn true. While you capture amazing photos of them on your phone, I want more. I want to capture you as a family interacting and loving on each other. Because those are the photos that I print and put on my walls, those are the memories that I want to look back on in a few years and remember how crazy my son’s hair is, or how when my daughter really smiles, her nose scrunches up.

I may not be great with words, but I am great at capturing the story of you behind my lens. I want those authentic in between moments. That is what I crave during your session. I want the messy hair, dirt under the fingernails, the chaos of growing your family, the excitement of finally being a senior. Those are my happy places. I want the real you. I want your personality preserved in a still frame. I want to give you this moment in time to look back on. 

So, let's go dance on the mountain tops, make a mess with paint, get cozy at your home, or let me help you come up with a session that fits you! I want to capture right now, so that you can remember the chaos and beauty of this exact moment. 

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